Here are 5 Myths that you may hear around the gym or fitness world that are about to busted!

Treadmills reduce impact on knees-  The New York Universities Rusk Institute reports there is no difference in impact on the joints between running on the street or treadmill.  If longevity of your joints is of concern, then you can vary your cardio workouts to total body cross training, or another machine like the rower or elliptical.

Crunches help to reduce belly fat and see Abs- No matter how tightly you make your bed in the morning, you cannot see the shape of the fitted sheet with a comforter on it!  Abs are the last muscles to take visible shape.  You cannot pick and choose which part of the body you lose fat from, while crunches help to build the abs in size, keeping a low body fat % is the only way you’re gonna see them.

Swimming is a great weight loss exercise- Eh… well if you are actually swimming, hard, for a long time, then yes you will have the cardio benefits necessary to lose weight.  However it is not typical that you will spend that much time in a pool.  Swimming improves your cardio capacity, and tones muscles, but since the water takes your body weight away you cannot work as hard as if you were running or using your body weight in full.

No pain No gain- You should expect to have some muscle soreness 24-48 hours after exercise, if there is none then maybe you could work a little harder or increase the volume for next time.  But there should be no pain DURING exercise.  Beside muscle fatigue, there shouldn’t pain in the joints or muscles while you are completing the motion.  These pains indicate an injury or impingement and you should see a PT.

Yoga can help with/fix back pain-  Personally, yoga helped me a lot with increased range of motion, and a more flexible, more stable core around my back injury.  But yoga is not necessarily good for all back pain.  Herniations or disc ruptures can be further aggravated during some poses and stretches that yoga requires.  This is obviously specific to the individual and where their injury is located.  If you have an injury it might be a good idea to check with the doc to make sure you’re not gonna hurt anything any further before you try and pretzel your spine