There is an app for everything these days! It’s difficult to choose the right app that you will like and fits your needs. We are here to give you our favorite apps that help us meet our fitness goals!

Our Top Apps for Nutrition Tracking

  • My Fitness Pal

my fitness pal app

My Fitness Pal is an app you probably have heard of. It’s great for tracking your nutrition and has huge database of food items. What also makes this app convenient, is that it has barcode scanner. You can scan the product you are eating and log it. Another perk with this app, is that it can link to your fitness tracker and/or watch.

  • My Marcos Plus

my macros plus app

If you like having a macro count based diet, this is the app for you! This app lets you pick how many grams per macronutrient you want to fit your fitness goals (without having to pay extra)! It has a growing database but it is not as big as My Fitness Pal yet. This app also has a barcode scanner for quick entries!

Our Top Apps for Workouts


SWORKIT is a newer app but you are sure to love it! The app is easy to navigate. You can pick from a strength, cardio, yoga, or a stretching workout. Once you pick the category you want, you can pick exactly what you want to work out and specify the amount of time you have. This app is perfect for the person that has to work out at home or just doesn’t know what they want to do in the gym.

  • POPSUGAR Active

popsugar active app

This app has featured workouts for you to follow. There is a wide variety of different types of exercises and workouts to fit you needs. Also, this app has challenges, such as the “31- Day At-Home Workout Challenge”! This app is sure to get you off the couch and motivated at home or in the gym!

Our Top Apps for Music

  • Spotify

Spotify app

Spotify is a great music app. It is easy to navigate through and has a playlist for every mood you could possibly think of! If you don’t want to listen to a playlist, you can pick one artist and it will just play that one artist. You don’t have to pay for the app, however if you want to listen to it ad free, you do have to pay for the premium subscription. The premium subscription is pretty great, because you can listen offline, there’s no ads, better sound quality, and you can skip as many songs as you want! Another cool feature this app has is that when you are listening to it while working out, it will speed up the song intensity as you increase your workout intensity!

  • Pandora

pandora app

Pandora is a pretty well know app for music. Even though it is well known, it still ranks as one of our favorites. Like Spotify, it offers many different playlists, but it is only playlists. This app doesn’t just let you listen to one artist. Also, if you want to listen ad free you have to pay for the premium package.

We hope you find this helpful when picking the right app to fit your fitness goals. It’s hard to pick an app when there’s 1,000s to choose from. These apps will surely please you. Give them a try and let us know what you think! As always, if you have any question, please feel free to contact us!

Written by Jacquelyn M