Have you ever walked into the gym you go to and you are just confused at everything that is happening around you? The chaos and the disorderly surrounding you? Not everyone knows how to act when they are at the gym. Not everyone knows that it is a community and that it is not your private gym. Inward Fitness keeps an orderly gym atmosphere, so we thought we would share our gym etiquette with everyone! Here is a respectable list of gym do’s and don’ts!


Dress Appropriately- It’s ok to dress in what makes you feel comfortable. However, the gym you go to could have all age groups there. Dress modestly. Respect yourself and respect others.

Share Equipment- The gym can get busy, meaning you might have to wait for a machine. But remember, sharing is caring! You can still get a good workout in if you let someone jump in on your machine between sets!

Share the water fountain- If someone is waiting behind you in line for a sip of water, let them go in front of you before you take eternity filling up your water bottle!

Stay at home if you are sick- No one wants your germs! If you’re sick, your body needs the time to recover. Working out will only prolong how long it will take for you to get better.

Rerack your weights- This is a thoughtful thing to do, but it is also the safest thing to do. No one needs to trip over weights that weren’t put back in their proper spot.

Respect a class/ boot camp- Ask the instructor before entering the room. And if you use the room prior to a class, pick up your materials.

Wear Deodorant- Nobody wants to smell your musky body odor! We are glad you are working up a sweat, but take care of your general hygiene! Please and thank you!

Wipe down equipment- As said above, we are glad you are working up a sweat. It’s great that you are working hard! However, to be respectful to others who want to use the equipment after you, please clean up after yourself!

Take a quick shower- If there is a line of people waiting to shower, be quick about it. Everyone is in a rush, be mindful of how long you are showering.


Talk on your phone- Yes, sometimes you have to answer a call from time to time (especially if it is an emergency). But please don’t be on the phone and get distracted. Pay attention and respect your surroundings.

Spit in the water fountain- Trust us, no one wants to see your loogie in the water fountain.

Offer unsolicited advice- Unless you’re a personal trainer, it is not your responsibility to be giving your advice. If they need help and they ask you for help, it’s ok to help them.

Don’t make loud noises- We understand if you are lifting heavy, sometimes noises coming out when you are exerting yourself. But you don’t need to yell clear across the gym. We get it, you’re strong.

Treat the locker room like your personal bathroom- Throw trash in trash cans. Put towels in the laundry bin. Lockers are for day use, not for you to keep your stuff therefor months.

We hope this information is helpful. It’s time to higher your standards! Everyone deserves to enjoy their time at the gym. If you need to witness what a good atmosphere feels and looks like, come see us at Inward Fitness. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Written by Jacquelyn M