What’s holding you back from getting to the gym? Excuses. We all have them. There are valid excuses and there are excuses you need to stop using. Getting in shape takes consistency. Achieving your goals takes sacrifice. Here is a list of excuses that you need to take out with the trash.

List of Bad Excuses to Miss the Gym

  1. I forgot my headphones-

This is a terrible excuse. You can’t avoid the gym every time you forget something. You might not realize this since you always have headphones in, but the gym does play music! Lose this excuse and go to the gym!

  1. The gym is going to be too busy when I get there-

If a big crowd deters you from going to the gym, then make the effort to go at less busy times. If you can’t go at less busy time, then you just need suck it up!

  1. It’s Monday-

Monday isn’t our favorite day either, but that is not a good excuse to skip the gym! Start off your week on the right foot.

  1. I’ve already been to the gym a couple times this week; I can miss today-

If you say this every time, you’ll never be in the gym consistently enough to achieve your goals! Make a schedule and stick to it!

  1. I’m too busy-

Nope not good enough! If you have a busy day, wake up early. Done. Excuse demolished!

  1. I forgot a hair tie-

Like we said before, forgetting something isn’t a good enough reason to skip the gym. A lot of gyms keep hair ties at the front desk. And if your gym doesn’t, then ask somebody. Chances are someone has a hair tie handy!

  1. My bed feels so good; I should waste another hour in bed-

If you set your alarm to go to the gym in the morning, then just do it! You’ll be more disappointed in yourself if you don’t go. The extra few winks of sleep you’ll get hitting the snooze button won’t benefit you!

Now here is a list of a few good reasons to miss the gym. This won’t take long!

  1. Sick
  2. Injured
  3. Family emergency
  4. Needed Rest/Recovery

These are valid reasons that can hold you back from the gym. Any other reasons just aren’t good enough! Please, get your butt to the gym!

No one regrets a workout, so stop making excuses. We promise you will feel so much better if you just go to the gym! We only want you to succeed. Take the first step and contact us today!

Written by Jacquelyn M