How good are you at preparing food for your day? Food preparation is easier said than done. Some of you are not eating enough. Some of you are eating too much of the wrong foods. What is your quick fix to hold you over until your next meal? If you are making trips to the vending machine, you need to stop! Foods such as chips and candy bars are not going to help you reach your goals. We are going to give you a list of quick fix foods that will hold you over until your next meal, and keep you from going on long not-so-romantic walks to the vending machine.

Get Your Fix

Unsalted Nuts– Skip the extra sodium and go raw. Almonds and walnuts are a great choice. You can either buy in bulk and portion it out, or you can buy pre-portioned packages.

Bars– We suggest you make sure your bars are as clean as possible. What we mean by that, is limited ingredients. Always try to get your nutrients from foods first. Bars should be a quick fix when healthy food options aren’t available.

Fruit– Such as apples, grapes, berries. All of these are way better options than a bag of chips. Vitamins and antioxidants are worth the calories you consume while eating fruits!

Veggies– Such as sliced peppers or celery with peanut butter are great healthy quick choices! This quick snack will tie you over till meal time!

String cheese– This is the ultimate fast snack. How easy is it to grab a string cheese before you leave for work in the morning?

Greek Yogurt with fresh fruit– Buy a big container of Greek yogurt and portion it out, then top it with some berries. Avoid the pre-package fruit and yogurts because they have a bunch of unnecessary added sugar.

All of these are great choices, super easy to prepare and pack and full of nutrients for your day ahead. There really is no excuse to snack on the office communal candy bowls and vending machines. In turn of making these healthier choices, you’ll feel better and you won’t binge eat when it is time to eat a meal.

We hope this helps you make healthier choices. We know that it is difficult to prepare for long work days.  All of these options are quick fixes to help get you through the day without derailing your weight loss goals. As always, if you have any questions, please contact us. If you have any questions about the snacks you are having throughout the day, feel free to ask us and we will let you know if those are good choices. Happy snacking!

Written by Jacquelyn M