What gets your foot in the door at the gym? It’s not always easy getting motivated to work out. Some days are easier than others, but what drives you? Maybe you are in a rut right now and aren’t sure what drives you. If that is you, keep reading! We are going to give you a list of our favorite ways to stay motivated!

This List Will Help- Trust Us!

A Killer Playlist- Music is big when it comes to working out. Doesn’t matter if you are into pop, rock, 90s alternative, or rap. Make a playlist that gets you moving. Music is a great way to motivate! Take the time to make a playlist, and get excited about the next time you’ll get to use it at the gym!

Caffeine- It’s no secret the caffeine will help wake you up and get you going. Pre-workout drinks can really get the blood flowing. Once you take a pre-workout there is no turning back! If you are feeling on the fence about going to the gym, just take your pre-workout, and you’ll see you’ll have no choice but to go! If you aren’t into pre-workout drinks, try coffee or tea for your caffeine buzz!

Find a Friend- Working out in pairs does help. When you have someone depending on meeting you, you have to stay committed! And if you don’t, well that is just rude! Find a workout partner to help keep you and them on track! It’s time to set goals and keep them!

Mark it Down in your Calendar- Whether you write your agenda down or put it in your iCal, set time aside in your day for your workout! Just like you would a meeting or a project deadline, commit to your workout. You need this!

Give Yourself a Reward- We are serious! Give yourself a real reward! We aren’t saying go eat a whole pizza, but give yourself a tangible reward for a job well done. If you work out all week, treat yourself to a glass of wine, a smoothie, or a Netflix marathon.

If these tips don’t get your butt back to the gym, then we don’t know what will! Just kidding! Need help getting motivated, contact us, we can get you the right track or back on track.  Get motivated, set goals, stay positive, and achieve! You got this!

Written by Jacquelyn M