In general, during the winter it is hard to get motivated. Often times we can make excuses for not going to the gym. Maybe it’s too cold outside. Or it’s snowing. Winter months can derail your progress. However, perfect conditions rarely exist. Spring is approaching and we are challenging each and every one of you to take some of your workouts outside! There are benefits to working out outside while it’s cold!

Burn More Calories

Calories burned will vary person to person. While your body works to regulate your core temperature, you’ll burn more calories than an indoor workout.

You’ll build a tolerance for Colder Climates

The more you brave the colder temperatures, the more your body will adapt. Sounds to us like this is a great way to survive winter!

Heart Healthy

For the person without heart issues, working out outside can strengthen the heart muscles. Colder weather makes the heart work more to distribute blood throughout the body.

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

If you work out outside, you’ll get a healthy dose of vitamin D. Most Americans lack vitamin D. Whether you get out for a walk at lunch or do your whole workout outside, you’re doing your body good!

Feel Happier and more energized

The cold weather stimulates the body. As your body works harder in the colder temperatures, more endorphins are released. Endorphins make us happy!

Things to do outside while it’s cold:

  1. Body weight exercise circuit
  2. Go for a jog/run
  3. Sprint intervals
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Go downhill skiing or snowboarding
  6. Go snowshoeing
  7. Go cross country skiing
  8. Hiking
  9. Rock Climbing
  10. Climb a 14er (if you have the experience)

While sometimes the conditions might hinder you, for example a blizzard, colder temperatures shouldn’t hold you back. Try to go outside at least once this week! You won’t regret it! As always if you have any questions, please contact us! Now go brave the cold outdoors!

Written by Jacquelyn M