Summer is right around the corner. Better weather, less rain, and so many fun activities to partake in! Summer is a great time to get more active. Luckily in Colorado we have plenty of summer fun to be had. These are some of our favorite ways to have fun in the summer.

Climb a 14er-

If you have never climbed a 14er, start this year! If you have climbed a 14er before, pick a new challenging one. Maybe even a class 3! If are just starting out, start with class 1. The front range has some great class 1s. Give Evans, Grays, and Bierstadt. A little further away, Mount Elbert and Quandary Peak are also great choices.

Join a Volleyball Team-

There is a lot of co-ed teams you can join this summer, whether baseball, kickball, or volleyball. All are a really fun choice to get your more active this summer. It is always a great way to make friends. Look up what you may have in your area.

Run a Race-

Racing is a great way to get outdoors. Luckily, races start in the morning so you can beat the heat. Pick a race, sign up for it, and start training today. Take advantage of the endless parks and trails available to you!

Red Rocks Workout-

At Inward Fitness, we do Red Rock Workout once a month during the summer. Of course, we want you to join us when we are out there (dates TBD), but you can also do your own workouts out there too! You can’t beat the view and the stairs make quite the workout!

Work Field Day-

Your office might already do this, and if they do, make sure you join in! If your office doesn’t have a field day, suggest it. It is a great way to get outside, build relationships, and team build!

White Water Rafting-

If you live in Colorado, there are plenty of white water rafting trips that you can take. The Colorado River offers all sorts of levels. This is something you can do with friends or family members of all ages. If you haven’t gone before, give it a try!


If 14ers are a little too much for you, just go for a hike. There are so many hiking options in Colorado. You can make a camping trip out of this or just make a day trip. Hiking is a great way to stay active in the summer! Ask us for some of our favorite hiking locations!

Canoeing/ Kayaking-

You can be really adventurous and go on canoeing/ kayaking trip with a group. Or you can just go to a lake or reservoir. Rentals are typically cheap.

Stand up Paddle Boarding-

This is also a great way to get active this summer. Stand up paddle boarding is pretty popular these days. Anywhere you can find water, you most likely can find paddle boards. Whether you are in Colorado or on vacation, this is an option. If you are in Colorado, check out your nearest reservoir.

Being outside is great! Vitamin D is crucial for our health and happiness. Please make sure that you are using sunscreen, especially here in Colorado! The sun is strong and your skin is your largest organ, so protect it!

Other than that, get out of there and get active. There is so much fun to be had! Don’t waste your summer on the couch. Contact us to upstart your summer of signing up for races, training for a 14er or two or joining our Red Rocks workouts!

Written by Jacquelyn M