Did you know that certain foods in America are banned in other countries? If other countries find these ingredients harmful, why don’t we? It is important to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies. Below you will find a list of common ingredients (perhaps even ones you consume) that are illegal in other countries:

Milk & Dairy Products Laced With rBGH– Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is the largest selling dairy animal drug in America. This is a synthetic version of a hormone produced in cows’ pituitary glands which makes them produce more milk. The reason this hormone is banned in ~30 nations is because of the dangers to human’s health. Dangers such as: increased risk for colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

Ractopamine– this repartitioning agent that increases protein synthesis was recruited for livestock use when researchers found that the drug made mice more muscular, thus reducing the overall fat content of meat. This drug is used in ~45% of U.S. pigs, 30% of ration-fed cattle, and an unknown percentage of turkeys. Up to 20% of this drug remains in the meat you buy at the supermarket. Since 1998, 1,700 people have been “poisoned” from eating pigs fed the drug. It is also known to affect the cardiovascular system, cause hyperactivity, and may cause chromosomal abnormalities and behavior changes. This drug is banned in 160 countries across Europe, Russia, Mainland China and Republic of China.

Flame Retardant Drinks– Mountain Dew, citrus flavored sodas, and sports drinks are examples of drinks that contain a synthetic chemical called brominated vegetable oil (BVO), which was originally patented by chemical companies as flame retardant. BVO has been shown to bio accumulate in human tissue and breast milk, leading to reproductive and behavioral problems. Not to mention, Bromine is a depressant, and a common endocrine disruptor. Too much of this can lead to iodine deficiency, skin rashes, acne, loss of appetite, fatigue, and cardiac arrhythmia. It is banned in Europe and Japan.

Farm-Raised Salmon– There are plenty of health benefits of eating fish, but you want to stay away from farmed fish- particularly farmed salmon. It is more common than not for farmed salmon to be fed dangerous chemicals. Farmed salmon are raised on a wholly unnatural diet of genetically engineered grains, a concoction of antibiotics, and other drugs and chemicals that have not been approved for human consumption. This diet leaves the farmed salmon with a grey flesh, so to compensate they feed them petrochemicals to give them their color back. Some studies even suggest that these chemicals can potentially damage your eyesight. Your best bet is to stay away from farm raised fish and buy wild-caught to be safe.

Hopefully this information will help you in making more health-friendly choices going forward. Should you need help in making those healthy nutritional choice, contact us!

Written by Tayler M