I’ve been doing a little experiment with my piano students these last few months. August, September, and October can be a productive time of year, but for most of us, it’s a time in which we can feel overwhelmed. We take on more than we can handle, and sometimes the best ideas we’ve ever had are put way, way on the back-burner. My to do list, for example, makes me want to move to Tahiti and never look back.

But the experiment! Tell me about the experiment, damn it! I will tell you that not only is this working for my students (ages 5 – 83), but it’s working for me too. Try this little routine below when you need to complete a task that requires. It’s nothing crazy, but it can clear the mind in a way that checking Facebook or your texts just never will. Here’s to choosing a goal and using your body as a partner to help you get there!

Productivity Push – A Step by Step Process to Awesomeness.

 1. Put down and turn off your phone.

2. No really, turn it off.

3. “Silence” doesn’t count, cheater!!

4. Choose your task, and the length of time you want to work on it.

  • Some examples:
    • Work on something until it’s finished (something for work, cleaning a room, practicing an instrument, yard work, whatever)

5. Set a timer for 20 minutes

6. Before you start the timer and start working:

  • 20 mountain climbers (each side)
  • Hold a forearm plank for 30 seconds
  • 15 body squats

7. Start the timer and GET AT IT! No distractions!

8. When the timer hits 20 minutes:

  • Walk or run a set of stairs 5x (or five flights)
  • No stairs? Take 100 high knees, slowly or running.

9. Set the timer for 20 and feel the focus!

10. When the timer hits 20, short and sweet yoga flow, 3x total:

  • Inhale, down dog
  • Exhale, walk your feet to your hands into a bent-knee forward fold
  • Inhale, lift your torso halfway
  • Exhale, fold
  • Inhale, engage your core and rise to standing with arms reaching up
  • Exhale, fold forward
  • Inhale, lift halfway
  • Exhale, step back to high plank
  • Inhale, down dog

11. Cycle through these three series every twenty minutes of your productivity push. Adjust the timer length as it fits your head space, and adjust the workouts to meet your body where it is that day.

Written by Katy K