It is very easy to find (and fall) for information on the internet these days. However, just because its accessible doesn’t mean it’s necessarily accurate. Here are some common fitness myths that you should ignore or ask us about before believing them.

Myth #1: Crunches are the best ab exercise

Although they might be the most popular, crunches are not the best way to get flat abs. Crunches do not engage other parts of your body; therefore, they don’t burn that many calories. Also, if you do not perform them correctly, crunches may injure your spine. Movements that involve your glutes and shoulders are actually much more effective at targeting your core. Planks and pallof presses, for example, are much better options.

Myth #2: More gym time is better

False! Scheduling rest days are crucial for your health AND for your results. If you workout vigorously every day without a day off, you are putting your body at high risk for injury and/or overtraining (which prevents your muscles from rebuilding). Make sure to incorporate 1-2 off days a week!

Myth #3: “Lifting weights will make me bulky”

As mentioned in last week’s blog, women are physiologically less prone to becoming “bulky” due to the fact that they have less muscle tissue and produce lower levels of testosterone compared to men. So, women- grab the heavier weights and increase your strength! You do not have to worry about becoming “bulky”.

 Myth #4: The more you sweat, the more calories you burn

Sweating is a biological response that cools your skin and regulates your internal body temperature. Everyone is different; therefore, some people may sweat more than others. But that doesn’t mean those that sweat more burn more calories. The amount at which you sweat depends on many factors including: humidity, fitness level and air temperature.

Myth #5: Fasted cardio will burn more fat 

This has been a topic of discussion for many years. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, it was found that eating before your workout will enable you to burn more fat throughout the day. The study showed that participants who ate before their workout not only burned more calories during the workout, but also continued to burn more calories and a higher percentage of fat for 24 hours afterwards. It is recommended to eat a snack 30 minutes prior to working out.

Written by Tayler M