A lot of people begin their yoga journey in the search to alleviate back pain. There is a lot of interesting research out there that correlates yoga with better pain relief than actual pain relievers. (See one of many articles: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-pain-back-yoga/yoga-as-good-for-low-back-pain-as-physical-therapy-idUSKBN19A2Z1)  Of course I love this, but see for yourself! This sequence is short and simple. If you have chronic back pain, I recommend trying this sequence at least four times a week and journaling your sensations before, during, and after to see if you experience any improvement. Happy stretching!*

*I didn’t include details about form in each pose because they are pretty straight-forward. If you are curious about any of these, feel free to explore the rabbit hole of yoga websites! It’s a good way to learn about yoga in general, and to get ideas for your own practice.

Child’s Pose 

Forearm Plank

High Plank

Downward Facing Dog

Table Top

Cow Pose

Cat Pose

Seated Twist, both sides

Return to Child’s Pose and repeat the sequence 1-2 more times

Written by Katy K