Are you feeling the whirlwind of...well, the wind? And activities? The pressure of productivity and maybe, at least on my end, the pressure of leaning into new creative ideas? Fall is the BEST for this stuff! But this stuff can definitely be over-stimulating. We get so addicted to our busyness that it’s almost a high. [...]

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A Yoga Sequence for Lower Back Pain/Tightness

A lot of people begin their yoga journey in the search to alleviate back pain. There is a lot of interesting research out there that correlates yoga with better pain relief than actual pain relievers. (See one of many articles:  Of course I love this, but see for yourself! This sequence is short and [...]

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Common Fitness Myths

It is very easy to find (and fall) for information on the internet these days. However, just because its accessible doesn't mean it's necessarily accurate. Here are some common fitness myths that you should ignore or ask us about before believing them. Myth #1: Crunches are the best ab exercise Although they might be the [...]

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Tips To Achieve Your New Year Goals!

For most people, the New Year = Resolutions. And while many people start out strong, as the year goes on, motivation may dwindle. To prevent that from happening, we have listed a few tips to help you stay on track with your goals this year. 1. One Goal at a Time You may feel like [...]

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Yoga: Energy through Movement

One word: HOLIDAYS. It’s not just the abundance of glorious foods (read: butter), or even the fountains of wine and rivers of beer (read: family). I adore the Monday after said holiday because I adore structure. Right? Or maybe it’s just returning to a sense of trust in my body’s communication. Here’s a little yoga [...]

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A Restorative Yoga Sequence

Anyone out there feel like you’re treading water? Slightly drowning, you say? This time of year can feel overwhelming, which is a word I’m using too frequently. But it does. In my body, it’s a time that I tend to push myself hard - so hard that I’m bordering on injury as I type this [...]

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Productivity Push

I’ve been doing a little experiment with my piano students these last few months. August, September, and October can be a productive time of year, but for most of us, it’s a time in which we can feel overwhelmed. We take on more than we can handle, and sometimes the best ideas we’ve ever had [...]

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Workouts That Can Be Done at Home

Not everyone has the time to make it to make it to the gym as often as they want. It is understandable, life is busy. Just because you can’t make it to the gym doesn’t mean that you should skip working out altogether. There are many great workouts you can do from the comfort of [...]

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More than Crunches and Sit-Ups

What is the first exercise that comes to mind when you think of working your core? Most would say crunches and sit-ups. While this is a great way to work your core, there are many ways to work your core. Engaging your core throughout your workout not only helps increase your core strength, but it [...]

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Mindful Alignment – the Anti-Mirror Post

Mirrors are a big part of the workout scene, and there are excellent reasons why. Personally, I want to make sure that I don’t look like my hair has been attacked by a thousand angry crows while I kill it at the gym. Or maybe it’s just fun to check out our angry face when [...]

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