Are you feeling the whirlwind of...well, the wind? And activities? The pressure of productivity and maybe, at least on my end, the pressure of leaning into new creative ideas? Fall is the BEST for this stuff! But this stuff can definitely be over-stimulating. We get so addicted to our busyness that it’s almost a high. [...]

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THIS Is Why Women Should Not Be Afraid to Lift Heavy

It is a common misconception by women that lifting heavy weights will cause them to bulk up and "make them look big". I'm here to set the record straight. Attention Ladies - PSA. Lifting heavy weights will NOT cause you to bulk up. It will actually cause you to TONE up. And here’s why: Women [...]

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Signs You May Be OVERtraining

Overtraining is actually more common than you think. If you are clocking in more than 5 hours of high intensity training in a week, you may be at risk of overtraining. Here are five common symptoms you can look out for if you think you may be over doing it in the gym. 1. Altered [...]

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More than Crunches and Sit-Ups

What is the first exercise that comes to mind when you think of working your core? Most would say crunches and sit-ups. While this is a great way to work your core, there are many ways to work your core. Engaging your core throughout your workout not only helps increase your core strength, but it [...]

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Mindful Alignment – the Anti-Mirror Post

Mirrors are a big part of the workout scene, and there are excellent reasons why. Personally, I want to make sure that I don’t look like my hair has been attacked by a thousand angry crows while I kill it at the gym. Or maybe it’s just fun to check out our angry face when [...]

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Love your Core!

Everybody loves the idea of abs. Whether you want a rocking 6-pack or just to lose some inches off your waist, we all love working our core. The midsection can be frustrating. While a lot of it comes down to how well you are eating, there are also some awesome exercises that really help engage [...]

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Free Advice – Take it or Leave it

Who doesn’t like a little advice from your favorite crew at Inward Fitness? Some of you know us pretty well. You see us around the gym, we personally train you, or you join our classes. Some of you we see in passing throughout the gym and at our corporate wellness sites, and we don’t get [...]

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What Gets You Motivated?!

What gets your foot in the door at the gym? It’s not always easy getting motivated to work out. Some days are easier than others, but what drives you? Maybe you are in a rut right now and aren’t sure what drives you. If that is you, keep reading! We are going to give you [...]

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What’s your Excuse?

What’s holding you back from getting to the gym? Excuses. We all have them. There are valid excuses and there are excuses you need to stop using. Getting in shape takes consistency. Achieving your goals takes sacrifice. Here is a list of excuses that you need to take out with the trash. List of Bad [...]

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Gym Etiquette

Have you ever walked into the gym you go to and you are just confused at everything that is happening around you? The chaos and the disorderly surrounding you? Not everyone knows how to act when they are at the gym. Not everyone knows that it is a community and that it is not your [...]

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