Are you feeling the whirlwind of...well, the wind? And activities? The pressure of productivity and maybe, at least on my end, the pressure of leaning into new creative ideas? Fall is the BEST for this stuff! But this stuff can definitely be over-stimulating. We get so addicted to our busyness that it’s almost a high. [...]

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A Yoga Sequence for Lower Back Pain/Tightness

A lot of people begin their yoga journey in the search to alleviate back pain. There is a lot of interesting research out there that correlates yoga with better pain relief than actual pain relievers. (See one of many articles:  Of course I love this, but see for yourself! This sequence is short and [...]

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Stress and Weight Gain

Can stress cause weight gain? Recent studies suggest that it can. In today's fast-paced world, stress seems to be much more prevalent. And although it is known to decrease stress, exercise commonly gets knocked down on the list of priorities when stress levels are high. If taking out exercise isn't hindering enough for weight loss, [...]

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Will Eating Fruit Hinder Your Weight-Loss?

Many diets these days encourage their clients to refrain from eating fruit. But why? One of the main culprits of weight gain is sugar, which is why some diets encourage you to stay away from fruit. However, just because fruits contain (natural) sugars doesn't mean it should necessarily be shoved into the same category as [...]

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Balancing Work

We simply cannot practice balance enough. We crave balance at work, in our personal lives, as our bodies change and age, or as we recover from injury or trauma. It is a practice, though. I have been known to throw stink eye at people to say silly things like, “I can’t balance,” or, “I can’t [...]

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Are All Calories Created Equal?

"All calories are the same, it doesn't matter if I eat 100 calories of candy or 100 calories of broccoli" is a common statement I hear from clients who are trying to lose weight. This has been an ongoing debate in the fitness world for quite some time now, but I'm here to explain why [...]

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Stretching Love for Creaky Hips

Is it a problem if my hips can predict the weather? Not sure, but they seem to be more accurate than any meteorologist in Denver… Weather (HA! Get it!?) you’re a runner, a boot camp junkie, a yogi, hiker, whatever, hips need love. Just so much love. Today’s flow is a 5-8 minute series for [...]

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Meditations for Working Out

When you exercise, do you find yourself rummaging through your playlists just to find ANYTHING that could put you in the mood to move? Do you flip through the channels on the treadmill or at home, hoping to distract yourself from the pain/boredom/challenge that your workout demands? We are so very good at choosing something [...]

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THIS Is Why Women Should Not Be Afraid to Lift Heavy

It is a common misconception by women that lifting heavy weights will cause them to bulk up and "make them look big". I'm here to set the record straight. Attention Ladies - PSA. Lifting heavy weights will NOT cause you to bulk up. It will actually cause you to TONE up. And here’s why: Women [...]

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Tips To Achieve Your New Year Goals!

For most people, the New Year = Resolutions. And while many people start out strong, as the year goes on, motivation may dwindle. To prevent that from happening, we have listed a few tips to help you stay on track with your goals this year. 1. One Goal at a Time You may feel like [...]

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