Practicing Humility

It feels like I treat my body in one of two ways - with criticism, or with humility. The first is so, so easy. Like a moth to the flame, I can look in the mirror and find all of the ways to judge myself - picking apart at each piece, hacking away with a [...]

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Will Eating Fruit Hinder Your Weight-Loss?

Many diets these days encourage their clients to refrain from eating fruit. But why? One of the main culprits of weight gain is sugar, which is why some diets encourage you to stay away from fruit. However, just because fruits contain (natural) sugars doesn't mean it should necessarily be shoved into the same category as [...]

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Balancing Work

We simply cannot practice balance enough. We crave balance at work, in our personal lives, as our bodies change and age, or as we recover from injury or trauma. It is a practice, though. I have been known to throw stink eye at people to say silly things like, “I can’t balance,” or, “I can’t [...]

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A Restorative Yoga Sequence

Anyone out there feel like you’re treading water? Slightly drowning, you say? This time of year can feel overwhelming, which is a word I’m using too frequently. But it does. In my body, it’s a time that I tend to push myself hard - so hard that I’m bordering on injury as I type this [...]

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Our Favorite Exercises- From Us to You

Everyone has their favorite exercises. It is good to have your go-to exercises. Even better to add new exercises to your go-to list! This week, the Inward Fitness team is going to give you each of our favorite exercises. We hope you enjoy these fun new moves! Ashley D. TRX Jump Squats - It is [...]

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Fitness isn’t Defined by the Number on the Scale

Many people struggle with the number on the scale. Some people even obsess over it. The number you see on the scale isn’t the best way to determine your level of fitness. You can change many things in your life to better your health and wellness, and even so the number on the scale might [...]

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Weight Loss Myths

Many people out there want to lose weight. Weight loss is often a difficult task for people to achieve. There are so many diet fads that it can cloud your judgment when it comes to weight loss. We are here to help you decipher through the bad weight loss trends. Carbs will make you gain [...]

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Five Ingredients to Supercharge your Smoothie

Let’s talk about smoothies! Smoothies are a great way to get a lot of nutrients in, and they can be fast and easy! In a society saturated with fast food options, smoothies are the better route. However, do you know what to add to your smoothie to give you more added benefits? We are here [...]

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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How Caffeine is Affecting your Life and Exercise Performance

Have you ever wondered if your caffeine intake affected your exercise performance? We aren’t just talking about drinking coffee; there are many places to get caffeine from. Caffeine is found in a variety of foods and beverages all around the world. 54% of Americans over the age of 18 consume caffeine every day and the [...]

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