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Welcome to Inward Fitness!

You’ve found a completely integrated approach to fitness, wellness and sport. Here you’ll see that our clients, companies and athletes get results and have fun training which really is the bottom line.

Any gym in Denver, Colorado can say they’re the best. But with our own innovative techniques, our experience and continued research on fitness, we’ve gone above and beyond what you would expect or get from most other trainers or gyms.

Tired of repeating workouts? We never replicate a workout.
Sick of the ‘no brainer’ approach to fitness and your goals? We’re efficient, effective and detail oriented.

Too busy to workout? We have a unique service that caters to all of those who are too busy to workout.

“Methods are many, principles are few, methods often change, principals never do.” – Anonymous

There’s no one right answer for fitness and we believe in getting you in your “best shape”. So if you desire change, want to take your fitness or sport to the next level or just need something different, unique and fun, then this is where you need to be.

310, 2018

Practicing Humility

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It feels like I treat my body in one of two ways - with criticism, or with humility. The first is so, so easy. Like a moth to the flame, I can look in the [...]

1009, 2018

Stress and Weight Gain

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Can stress cause weight gain? Recent studies suggest that it can. In today's fast-paced world, stress seems to be much more prevalent. And although it is known to decrease stress, exercise commonly gets knocked down [...]

Blu Sky’s 2nd field day was a success! Grateful to work with such a great company!

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-7am Boomers bootcamp
-5pm HIIT
-6:15pm Ski conditioning bootcamp

-6am HIIT
-5pm HIIT
-6:15pm Ski conditioning bootcamp

-7am Boomers bootcamp

-6am HIIT

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