Success Stories

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We asked Inward Fitness to train our high school volleyball program during the summer and throughout our season. Daniel and his staff did an incredible job leading each session with energy and creativity, superior professionalism, and genuine excitement for our athletes to succeed. I find it as no coincidence that our team was ready to play every night and had the stamina and strength to make it to the 5A State Championship match. We can’t wait to get after it again this summer!

Stephanie Schick Chatfield Volleyball Head Coach January 29, 2016

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I want to thank all of you for this challenge. I am a 49 year old man who has been overweight all my life. I am still heavier than i need to be but I am now back on track I was encouraged by the ladies on our team. They worked hard and were very successful. Our office spent some regular time in the gym (about 3 hours a week) so it was easy to continue when the challenge was completed. More than the weight that I lost was the check up at the doctor last week as I was finishing the diet challenge. He was surprised and commended me on the weight loss. In the 11 weeks since I have been in to see him my BP went from 145/95 to 113/71 and my triglycerides dropped by 250. I will continue. Thank you.

S. Black MasTec USG January 29, 2016