A Yoga Sequence for Lower Back Pain/Tightness

A lot of people begin their yoga journey in the search to alleviate back pain. There is a lot of interesting research out there that correlates yoga with better pain relief than actual pain relievers. (See one of many articles: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-pain-back-yoga/yoga-as-good-for-low-back-pain-as-physical-therapy-idUSKBN19A2Z1)  Of course I love this, but see for yourself! This sequence is short and [...]

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A Challenge

Hi again! A lot of people in my classes these past few weeks have been feeling tired, sore, or working through moments of burn-out. I feel like I could go one of two ways here and recommend a slow, sinking, diving-into-chocolate-sauce restorative yoga series, or...something else. I have had the fairly unscientific privilege of trying [...]

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