Stress and Weight Gain

Can stress cause weight gain? Recent studies suggest that it can. In today's fast-paced world, stress seems to be much more prevalent. And although it is known to decrease stress, exercise commonly gets knocked down on the list of priorities when stress levels are high. If taking out exercise isn't hindering enough for weight loss, [...]

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Stress Relieving

Stress is something that most people deal with. Life is stressful. A lot of people have families, jobs, and bills. It’s easy to let the stress pile up, but letting stress pile up can be really unhealthy. What are you doing to help relieve your stress? It is important to keep stress levels low to [...]

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Don’t Be a Grinch this Holiday Season

The holiday season can be stressful. It is often a time of travel, money spent, and family time. We know this can be a difficult time of year even though it is supposed to be a joyful time of year. We are going to try to put the cheer back into your holiday season! There [...]

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