Are you feeling the whirlwind of...well, the wind? And activities? The pressure of productivity and maybe, at least on my end, the pressure of leaning into new creative ideas? Fall is the BEST for this stuff! But this stuff can definitely be over-stimulating. We get so addicted to our busyness that it’s almost a high. [...]

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A Yoga Sequence for Lower Back Pain/Tightness

A lot of people begin their yoga journey in the search to alleviate back pain. There is a lot of interesting research out there that correlates yoga with better pain relief than actual pain relievers. (See one of many articles:  Of course I love this, but see for yourself! This sequence is short and [...]

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Balancing Work

We simply cannot practice balance enough. We crave balance at work, in our personal lives, as our bodies change and age, or as we recover from injury or trauma. It is a practice, though. I have been known to throw stink eye at people to say silly things like, “I can’t balance,” or, “I can’t [...]

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Meditations for Working Out

When you exercise, do you find yourself rummaging through your playlists just to find ANYTHING that could put you in the mood to move? Do you flip through the channels on the treadmill or at home, hoping to distract yourself from the pain/boredom/challenge that your workout demands? We are so very good at choosing something [...]

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Yoga: Energy through Movement

One word: HOLIDAYS. It’s not just the abundance of glorious foods (read: butter), or even the fountains of wine and rivers of beer (read: family). I adore the Monday after said holiday because I adore structure. Right? Or maybe it’s just returning to a sense of trust in my body’s communication. Here’s a little yoga [...]

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A Restorative Yoga Sequence

Anyone out there feel like you’re treading water? Slightly drowning, you say? This time of year can feel overwhelming, which is a word I’m using too frequently. But it does. In my body, it’s a time that I tend to push myself hard - so hard that I’m bordering on injury as I type this [...]

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Stress Relieving

Stress is something that most people deal with. Life is stressful. A lot of people have families, jobs, and bills. It’s easy to let the stress pile up, but letting stress pile up can be really unhealthy. What are you doing to help relieve your stress? It is important to keep stress levels low to [...]

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Open Your Heart

Watch this: Don’t worry - it’s only just over seven minutes long. Over-achiever? I see you. Takes one to know one. Watch the whole TedTalk here: Think of a time you have performed a task or engaged in a relationship wholeheartedly. What did it feel like? What were the risks? Was it worth [...]

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When Stretching Becomes Yoga

You know the routine: warm up with a few shoulder rolls, maybe a jaunt on the foam roller, and then you KICK IT. Like, really get in there with that workout. Music is pumping, your legs are burning, sweat stinging your eyes, and if you can just do one more freaking pull-up, then...aaaaahhhhh. A couple [...]

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Busting Fitness Myths!

Here are 5 Myths that you may hear around the gym or fitness world that are about to busted! Treadmills reduce impact on knees-  The New York Universities Rusk Institute reports there is no difference in impact on the joints between running on the street or treadmill.  If longevity of your joints is of concern, [...]

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