Group Fitness Training

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Most of our boot camp group fitness classes are, just like our training, based on metabolic conditioning. What’s that? Metabolic conditioning uses large muscle group exercises coupled with other movements to boost your cardio and less rest than normal. The result…more calorie burn in less time and a higher metabolism!

Always on the cutting edge of group fitness in Denver, all of our classes are high energy, fun and challenging. With group fitness classes such as boot camp, boomer boot camp and our half hour lunch class, you’ll get stronger, improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories and change your body!

Boot Camp:

FINALLY…Get the MOST out of your workout!
If you’re curious how to get the most out of your workout, you NEED to come see us. A dynamic workout that guarantees results. Never repeat a workout and each class will be a great experience – not just another dreaded workout routine doing the same exercises you’ve done a hundred times before.Classes are offered as co-ed or ladies only. Join us to improve every aspect of your fitness and save money!
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Ski and Snowboard Conditioning:

Ready to step into your skis or snowboard? Not until you go through our Ski and Snowboard Conditioning Class! You might think skiing and snowboarding isn’t something you need to get ‘ready’ for but these are demanding sports especially when your body isn’t used to it.

This seasonal class is made to get you in shape to hit the hills! Whether you’re just skiing and snowboarding a few weekends a year or you’re getting ready for a heli trip, this class is for you. The ski and ride conditioning class will help prevent injuries and guarantee you’ll have a much better season than the last.

Golf Ready:

Many of you golf and we every year we get a lot of questions regarding specific training for golf. We most commonly are asked, “How do I hit the ball further?”, and “I feel so stiff, my back is sore, etc are there any stretches I can do to help?”. The solution? Golf Ready, the new class dedicated to helping you move better, swing harder, and get ready to hit the course!

In this program we partner with Golfsmith – Park Meadows, to make sure you’re getting real improvement and gain. We’ll be able to measure your drives (accurately) and you’ll get an incentive for signing up for our Golf Ready program. We also incorporate the same testing used in the PGA for movement analysis and similar training the pro’s use from Titliest Performance Institute.

So, you want to improve your game? Get Golf Ready!

Boomer Boot Camp:

This class is specifically designed for those “Boomers” who want to ensure their quality of life and get a great workout in a controlled environment while receiving a little extra attention and accommodation. This isn’t a traditional high impact and high intensity fitness boot camp. The goal here is to be active and healthy for a long time.

Lunch Hour Express:

Molded around a tried and true method, this is a 30 minute lunch hour class guaranteed to give you a bang! It’s true, 30 minutes CAN result in a great workout and serve as the much needed break in the middle of your day.

Parkinsons in Motion:

Inspirational training thru exercise and movement..Classes provide early intervention and continuous access to research-based exercise approaches that target the unique physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges for individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease. This class also helps build and assists clients in overcoming challenges.

Functional Training for the Young at Heart:

Explore the ways to exercise that allow you to continue to live a productive life and do the activities you love to do!