Golf Ready

Many of you golf and every year we get a lot of questions regarding specific training for golf. We most commonly are asked, “How do I hit the ball further?”, and “I feel so stiff, my back is sore, are there any stretches I can do to help?”. The solution? Golf Ready! The new class dedicated to helping you move better, swing harder, and get ready to hit the course!

In this program we partner with Golfsmith – Park Meadows, to make sure you’re getting real improvement and gain. We’ll be able to measure your drives (accurately) and you’ll get an incentive for signing up for our Golf Ready program. We also incorporate the same testing used in the PGA for movement analysis and similar training the pro’s use from Titliest Performance Institute.

This last 8 week program the participants averaged a gain of 13.6 yards on their drive and the furthest was 22 yards longer! The most improved also won a Nike driver and a custom fitting!

Who wouldn’t want that?

So, you want to improve your game? Get Golf Ready!
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