Success Stories

Daniel Ward is a remarkable trainer. As I am someone who had never worked with weights, he has demonstrated great skill making our workouts challenging but also enjoyable. He is the best!

Governor John Hickenlooper January 18, 2016

I have been working out for years, mostly on my own. Here’s what I say about Daniel. I get more out of a forty minute workout, never mind an hour, with Daniel than two hours on my own. He is the best trainer I have ever had. He understands pace, understands my capacity and delivers a specialized workout to get the most of our time together while ever aware of my limitations. A real pro. I would recommend him to anyone. Ask my mom and wife!

Greg Moore January 18, 2016

One thing very apparent about Daniel is that you feel that he has given thought to your particular workout based on your individual needs.

Joshua Hanfling January 18, 2016

Daniel takes you on a journey to fitness and good health that challenges your body, mind, and spirit while making it fun. He keeps you enthusiastic, encouraged and inspired. Extremely knowledgeable about the latest approaches to fitness, he is able to customize each program to meet the individual’s unique needs. Part cheerleader, part therapist, and all trainer, his approach is so enjoyable that I never want to miss a session! Subsequently, he gets results!

Nina Henderson-Moore January 18, 2016

As a trainer and a friend, there is no one better than Daniel. He designs customized workout programs that meet your individual needs and expectations. He makes you work hard, but it is always with a purpose and it pays off. When it comes to accomplishing fitness goals, I can’t think of anyone better.

Steve Sander January 18, 2016

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