Inward Fitness Private and Semi-Private Personal Training

Private Training

This is what originally gave us our name. Our personal training model puts you, the client first and focuses on getting you results, obviously, but also building a trainer/coach and client relationship. If you can’t connect, trust and like your trainer/coach, you’re not going to achieve what you want.

From the start we focus on the details by doing a unique movement assessment, consultation and nutritional analysis. From there we make sure you’re with the right trainer/coach and develop a plan to take massive action towards your goals. What’s involved, strength training, cardio (anaerobic and aerobic), core focus, flexibility, etc.

Semi-Private Training

Do you think the above sounds good? How about a semi-private (2-3 clients) personal training scenario? Contrary to what some people think, in this service clients still get great results, have fun, save some money and really embrace what “team” training is all about.

All of our trainers/coaches were on athletic teams and/or involved in team based settings and have great experience in making sure each client is taken care of. We still ensure technique is proper, intensity and weights are appropriate and most importantly we have fun.