Inward Fitness Sports Performance

It seems that many people, are realizing the benefit of sports performance training and at Inward Fitness it’s no surprise that it works. We’ve had many athletes from all levels of competition, ranging from junior high school to master’s divisions, reach success and perform at their best while staying injury free.

Athletes have that drive to always improve and we have the drive to maximize that improvement for our athletes. We want our athletes to realize their athletic potential and see their dreams and goals come true. Granted, success is always the goal and working hard is imperative. But being smart about performance training is the key.

As former athletes, we’ve been there and know what it takes to perform at a high level and understand that traditional team practice does a lot, but the rest comes from consistent and proper physical training. Using our personal experience and professional expertise as coaches, we’ve developed unique programs and strategies focused on creating better athletes who are less prone to injury and are able to maximize performance.

Our training programs teach the skills needed to improve speed, agility, endurance, increase strength and power and develop discipline and competitiveness. These attributes, with an understanding and expectation of hard work, boost confidence and make all athletes better performers, no matter the sport.

To put it simply, we will make you better!

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Why Us?

In addition to the schools and organizations you see, we’ve worked with athletes from Valor, Cherry Creek, Regis, Colorado Academy, East, Kent Denver, Wheat Ridge, etc.

  • Professionalism and commitment to serving as mentors to athletes
  • Team of qualified professionals with sports backgrounds and/or strength and conditioning backgrounds
  • Appropriate performance training for specific ages and multiple sports
  • Focus on measurable results
  • Periodic meetings to discuss performance improvement

Our Philosophy

We Believe in:

  • Improving fundamental athletic skills through innovative and specific training
  • Decreasing injuries and soreness through correct technique and preparation on and off the field/court/track/pool, etc.
  • Creating a supportive environment where young athletes develop personal commitment and accountability
  • Providing a united work ethic in a productive culture that promotes tenacity, hard work and fun.

Whether it’s an individual athlete or small or large teams, we work with parents, coaches, schools, teams and clubs that are passionate and motivated to help their athletes in all aspects of sports performance. We will develop a better athlete and have the flexibility to provide these programs at our facility or elsewhere.